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Seasons After Fall – Launch Trailer

Seasons After Fall – Launch Trailer for Xbox

Seasons after Fall invites you to dive into a world governed by nature and magic. Travel to the heart of a mystical forest as a wild Fox, manipulating the gorgeous environments around you by changing the seasons at will. Further adding to the bewitching atmosphere, you’re accompanied throughout your journey by the enchanting sounds of a live string quartet.

In Seasons after Fall, it’s entirely you’re choice when you want to change the season. Winter freezes lakes and waterfalls, while Summer allows plants to grow and open up new paths. Fall brings mushrooms to bloom, and Spring raises water levels with rain. Dynamically switching between seasons offers a fresh, ever-changing aesthetic and unique ways to explore the forest – the power of nature is in your paws!

Each season drastically alters the environments around you. It is up to you to change the world and open new paths. The world of Seasons after Fall is overflowing with secrets – can you discover them all?

Seasons after Fall is available to download now on Xbox One!

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