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School learning math quiz

Hello, all school education and learning Quiz lovers !

Learning math has never been so fun and easy! Introducing a new educational trivia quiz math app! “School Education & learning Quiz” is a knowledge baldi quiz that keeps you awake even during late hours and can help practical math exams or just play for fun. Free math games are fun and can be a very useful tool when preparing for school classes. This is exactly like an educational quiz game for kids and adults! Tons of trivia questions and quizzes of knowledge are what you will find in this wonderful math trivia! All levels of math test is here! Subtraction and division addition multiplication games with a math application with all levels. it’s Basics learning homework baldi quiz game !

“School Education & learning Quiz” is an amazing game that help kids to learn fast and having fun-time, it teach a slew of subjects.

To survive and win the game you need to know all the basics of math and general culture and some iq test questions

School Education & Learning Quiz is a trivia questions quiz game, fully 2D interactive, fun-time homework educational game that teaches a slew of subjects with and 75% math questions in progressive difficulty
You need to pass 7 levels and escape the school, all while avoiding the scary teacher.

School Education & Learning quiz School game, you need to pass all the 7 levels get 3 stars, solve the problems correctly and run away from school. Can you do it? After all, on the way you are waiting for more and horror characters who live in the school. For every wrong answer, an angry teacher can arrange a horror for you. To survive you need to know all the basics of math.

This trivia questions quiz will help you learn all about math in an easy and enjoyable way. Progressive difficulty. Suitable for all ages.

if you have a good general knowledge, smart personality and you are good in math test yourself and answer all our quizizz

How to play:
* Choose one of the four answers provided;
* There are 7 levels of difficulty in school education and learning Quiz and endless answers;
* Give the answer quickly and earn extra points to be fast;
* If yes, three incorrect answers, you must start again;
– You need to know the basics of math
– learn all about cool math
– basics in math Education
– Learning and enjoy!
– Resolve questions .
– Do your homework and get 3 stars
– Run away from school.

Download school education & Learning Quiz now and enjoy this horor quizes game.
Thank you!Download School learning math quiz for free
Free download School learning math quiz :

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