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RUSH: Rise Up Special Heroes English

RUSH: Rise Up Special Heroes English Download for Free

RUSH: Rise Up Special Heroes English Android

RUSH: Rise Up Special Heroes English iOS

■ 200 different heroes!

■ Adventure mode for steady growth! Hundreds of stages!
Adventure to find Soul Stone!

■ When the adventure mode is difficult, do go to the tower of the challenge!
Challenge the tower of challenge with tremendous rewards.

■ When I feel I’m not a starter, do go to the Arena Wars!
Let’s check my strength against other heroes!
Hundreds of gem rewards every 3 days!

■ Red Dragons and Raukan World Boss!
Every day Ruby Get!
Whenever you challenge, gold is too!

■ Real time guild boss raid with many heroes like you!
Real Time Guild Boss Raid!
At 8 o’clock in the evening, all Rush players will begin boss raid time attack!

Collect the soul stone ■ I want hero Get! It is possible to acquire all The King!
The core of the rush! Soul Stone!
I pick the heroes I want to pick up with my hands!

■ The hero I want must evolve! Evolution elements in the day dungeon Get!
You can evolve your hero to a more powerful rating!
In the Dailly dungeon, evolve by acquiring the same kind of element as my lovely hero!

A wide variety of content awaits heroes!


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