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Running Man 3D – Android Gameplay HD

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Watch your back—there's always someone after your name tag!
Once you lose your tag, you’re eliminated.
Attack other Running Men while protecting your name tag!
▶ Infinite Race across Various Locations
– Run! Running is the first step to become a Running Man! Don't be afraid of obstacles.
Try to run as long as you can, across amusement parks, airports, and cities!
The more missions you accomplish, the greater your reward!
▶ Exciting Team Mission Mode
Create a team of 3 characters to compete with another player in Relay Mission mode.
Experiment with character combinations to create your own dream team!
Eliminate all the other Running Men or clear the mission objective to win!
▶ Innovative Action Race Game
– Attack other Running Men the moment they show their backs to you.
Continue to attack until their name tags change color and are completely removed.
Use items strategically in your attacks.
– Never show your back to anyone! Those who keep their name tags until the very end win the game. Use Shoulder Attack and Back Jump to secure a better spot!
– Accomplish missions. Missions are very important. Clear them before other players, and you'll be the winner! There are various missions. Keep your cool, and accomplish them one by one.
– Grow your characters! Upgrade their Name Tags to increase their HP, and Star grades to increase their power. Skill items are useful, too. Make your characters stronger so that they can survive races longer!
▶ Various Team Members
A total of 28 different variants of the 7 main characters are available.
Create your own dream team to accomplish missions and rise through the leagues!
More variants of your favorite Running Men will be added on a regular basis.
▶ Superb Graphic Quality
The vivid likenesses of the Running Men combined with a variety of detailed, realistic-looking maps will give you a great gaming experience!
▶ Play with Friends
Invite your friends and play the game together. Run harder, or you'll fall behind your friends in the rankings. Take up the challenge to rise through the leagues!
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