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ROG – Rune of God (KR) Gameplay IOS / Android

ROG – Rune of God (KR) Gameplay IOS / Android

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ROG by RoadCatGames (IOS/Android)
I want to hold a monster, I’d Farmington items, and because of fatigue
RPG made idly pressed a button on the screen from the town to the god who Gigli
The game is highly recommended.
In this auto-battle function normally automatic in low-level areas,
If you want to avoid the monster’s attack with high compensation and control
You can hunt from a high-level areas.

My Ad View game with monsters that drop consistently, so when jewelry
Billing is also free games that you can fully enjoy the game.

Because the main character was designed to grow endlessly,
Cool action 10 times per second that an attack could be seen in the existing games is also available.

Monster runes to collect items dropped by chance
May be combined set effects, you can give it to strengthen the random option.

In the process of growing endlessly, four each evolved a powerful skill by 9 steps
Please hold all the monsters in one shot!


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