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When civilisation has fallen to zombies and you’re one of the few survivors – what do you do?

Naturally, take them head-on with your own DIY weaponry! What could go wrong when defending against an onslaught of zombies behind a barricade of junk? When your trusty knife-gun proves insufficient – upgrade your load-out to take down those bigger threats. A nail-spewing, motorcycle tank-fueled shotgun might just do the trick….

1.0 Features:

Test your prowess in four different game modes:
– [Good old] Survival
– Protect the Bot
– Kill the General
– [Relaxing] Target Practice

– Unlock access to an arsenal of the most unconventional weaponry you’ve seen in a zombie game!
– Take on a wide roster of zombie types including ‘Tin Can’! (???)
– Journey across desolate cities, spooky cemeteries and laboratories brimming with secrets and all lovingly rendered in full 3D!
– Tonnes of levels

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Download RIZE ZOMBIES iOS for Free

Download RIZE ZOMBIES iOS Game

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