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Rise of Demon

“Rise of Demon” is a refreshing Action RPG on App Store. In the game, there are awesome skills and stunning combat impact, and the innovative Transformation system.

–Epic Boss–
Frost Ape, Zombie King, Demon’s Eye, many epic bosses waiting for you to defeat!

–Cutting-edge Graphic–
With the latest, cutting-edge graphic technique, we will represent you a fantasy world!

–Stunning Combat Impact–
All the skills are well-designed to be awesome, stunning, yet physically realistic.

–Innovative Battle Mechanic–
The bosses are powerful, but you can break the combo. Find out their weakness and defeat them!

When you’re a hunter, you hunt demons.
When you’re transformed, you’re a demon.
Who are you?

You will have to find the answer by yourself.


App Store:…
Play Store: Not Available Now

Total Size : 823Mb

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