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Reach the Sky – Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

Download Reach the Sky – Gameplay Trailer (iOS) Download Game for Free

Reach the Sky – Free

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It left the earth alone and has small wish to reach out to the endless sky and fly over into the space.
Help this ‘Tiny Guy’ to reach the endless sky.

The idea is very simple, sky bridges move horizontally above you at different speeds/heights and you must launch a rope to attach to it. If you miss the game is over, but if you hit the bridge right in the middle you’ll advance and get a higher score.

Here are the main features that Reach the Sky captivates you with:

◆ Impossible gameplay (almost). Reach the Sky has an endless gameplay in theory, but in reality you’ll be lucky to survive 30 seconds. Simply tap on the screen to shoot a rope and try to target the sky bridges above. Miss and game’s over. The further you advance, the more difficult the game will become.

◆ Clean retro graphics. The game features a clean and beautiful pixel-perfect design that lets you focus on the actual gameplay not useless eye-candy. With a touch of Minecraft’s design style, you’ll enjoy this frustratingly-addictive game.

◆ Physics effects. Each sky bridge you must reach moves with a different speed, at random heights and some are breakable. This isn’t a simple game of tap and play, you must estimate a trajectory of the rope to advance otherwise you’ll fail miserably.

◆ Challenge yourself. The main goal in Reach the Sky is to get the highest possible score against the toughest competitor, YOURSELF. Do you have what it takes to actually reach the sky?

Can you challenge yourself to help this cute cosmonaut wannabe reach the endless sky?

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Download Game Reach the Sky – Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

Download Reach the Sky – Gameplay Trailer (iOS) Download Game

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