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Rage of Warrior – Heroes Legend

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Rage of Warrior – Heroes Legend Android

Rage of Warrior – Heroes Legend iOS

Trial media comment: Innovative action strategy mobile game!
◎Combo to max, superb fight and speed
◎3 innovative, 5 kinds of interactive and plenty experience.
●21 heroes, and keep updating!
●The new combo combat system, floating enemy with 999 combos!!

【The new Party System】
To achieve the highest combo, developer discard the common squared battle system.
Using the horizontal scroll to present, and the team divided to ‘forward, guard, and back up.
Each role has its own unique function, invite you to experience!

【The new heroes combo system】
Each heroes has its own different battle mode, also has its unique attack mode,
How the make your choice while the number of heroes keep increasing, and get the higher combo and damages,

【Diverse PVP system】
Free for all: Ladder ranking, party to fight for prizes
Server PVP: “Whole server league, find the road of victory among the all.
Other like, “ World Champion, Cross Server PVP” and many more system wait for your discover.

【The new guild interaction 】
Guild Battle: Target the first class, association with guild partners at all levels of campaign.
Pet: They will always wandering in the guild campaign, are you feeding the Kirin?
Guild mission: Variety of challenging guild mission (Fu niu, Ling xiao, wuji and many more!
Other system like fishing, shop, feel the real guild gathering.

【Other plentiful system 】
Other than various system that been introduced, there are “Fragment”, “Gem Shop”, “Fu Niu Zai”, Wu Ji Tower”, and “Wanted”, various gameplay system for player to experience, development team will keep enhancing the game with efforts, and stay tune for more updates. Let us be “Combo Hero” together!


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