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Race The sky Mission FREE

Are you ready for an adventure? Blaze & Monster Machines for free. blaze Race the sky mission it’s a very cool car race game and kids i hope u will love it.
Play the latest games with Blaze & Monster Machines for free. Try this new Blaze Race the Skytrack game in which you will have by your side your friends from the Blaze and AJ. The name of this fun game is Race the Sky mission and is a fun creative and adventure game in which we invite you to join us and your favorite characters and have some fun. You will have to help Blaze get the chopper back, but in order to be able to chase it and grab it, you will have to transform his Monster Machine into aerodynamic race car. You will start by creating the car, modifying it into a race car , fast enough to catch the chopper and bring it back to the helicopter. You will be the one controlling it and making sure you avoid all the obstacles that get into your way. We are eager to see how you will react to this new and fun adventure game that we have decided to offer to you next today. Enjoy this new adventure game with your friends from Blaze & Monster Machines and have a lot of fun.
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