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RABBITHEADD – New Horror Survival

I woke up in an unknown dark room!
While I was disconnected, someone put on a mask with ears on me!
All attempts to remove it were unsuccessful.
There are some wires inside the mask! I do not understand what is happening!
I urgently need to get out of here!

Levels will still be added!

Explore scary rooms and solve their secrets!

You need to try to get out, but be careful to survive and not fall into one of the bloody traps!

Be very attentive to details and then you can solve the riddles of a terrible place!

Look for keys, collect puzzles, open chests and do not be afraid of scary monsters!

Be careful! The game will have several bloody scenes and frightening screamers!

Try our survival simulator in a mystical basement with horrors!

We are planning to improve our horror game and add a lot of new things!

Good luck!
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