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  1. Shikibu says:

    about anything to aynnoe. My choice of words, all that stuff, fear of not being liked and of course it didn’t matter how nice I was, people either liked me or they didn’t.I’m closer to my authentic self since turning 50 and whatever I say, I’m honest and if people don’t like that, I no longer care, because spending most of life being always so fucking nice still didn’t make people like me.Love your honesty, love the freedom and the courage to say it how it is.Rock on sista! PS: To get the heart hit alt key then 3 ♥

  2. Ayhan says:

    I am trying to send a blgoger fan mail who does not have a link to their ask box active.When following someone, what is the length of time until you can send them fan mail? It is restricting me because I have been following them for about 24 hours. I’m curious what that passing point time is for future reference.[]

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