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Puzzle Explorer (By Fingerprint) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video

Download game Puzzle Explorer (By Fingerprint) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video

Create your own puzzles with National Geographic Puzzle Explorer!

Embark on a photo expedition around the world to learn game design with real National Geographic photos and facts! Can you make the best puzzle? Let’s find out!

Snap a picture of a pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula, slide on an ice shelf in Antarctica, and outrun a charging rhinoceros in the Himalayas!

In addition to the educational value provided by National Geographic photographs and facts,
Puzzle Explorer empowers children’s imaginations with an iterative design process designed to give experience and insight into creative problem solving, rapid prototyping, and systems thinking. These basic logic skills are the foundations of computer science and a path toward learning to use technology as a toolset for connecting with the world around them.

Travel the globe with National Geographic!
Each new location unlocks National Geographic photographs and facts, additional step-by-step instructions, and exciting new puzzle blocks to try!

Practice your game design skills!
Each location has a simple set of game piece building blocks and multimedia step-by-step instructions to teach you how to quickly and easily create complex and fun interactions.

Build your own puzzles!
Players create puzzles in Build Mode limited only by their imagination and the blocks available. Simply drag and drop different combinations of blocks on the board to build new puzzles!

Unlock new blocks and locations!
Rapid iteration is the key to successful design, so jump into Play Mode to try your puzzles before sharing! If your puzzle doesn’t work, you can use some of the creative problem-solving skills you’ve picked up along the way!

Trade puzzles to challenge friends safely and securely using the secure Fingerprint Play platform!

National Geographic photographs and facts
Easy to follow Multimedia step-by-step puzzle design instructions
Multiple locations across the globe including Antarctica, Yucatan Peninsula, and the Himalayas! More locations are on the way!
20 unique block types that can be mixed and matched to provide innumerable puzzle designs!
Fingerprint Play integration to safely and securely share your puzzles with friends!

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