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Princess Pets PJ Party

(Updated :
Oct 25,2015)

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Game Description

Let’s organize an entertaining fun PJ party for all your cute pets. Invite all the pets by creating some invitation postcards by yourselves and add an invitation text along with some funny stickers into it. Send it to all the friends of your pet and invite them. Play some pillow fight with the pets and make sure that you donít miss any hit on their face with the pillow. Sit down for a dinner and eat your favorite food like ice cream, creamy cakes etc.

Entertaining Activities in the Game:

1) Create invitation cards by yourself and invite all your friends.
2) Play fun pillow fight with them and donít miss any of the hits.
3) sit down to have a tasty dinner and get ready for the next day.
4) Share this entertaining fun game with all your friends and have fun at the PJ party.


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