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Preview: A Skyrocket Story (by John William Evelyn) – iOS

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Rocket through a paper sky, past schools of fish swimming in the air, beyond the stars themselves…

'A Skyrocket Story' is a truly unique hand-illustrated game of skill and puzzles, that takes you on a journey through a picture book world.

• 5 unique worlds
• Delicately intricate, hand-drawn artwork
• 46 core levels – More challenges await those who can master them
• 46 page, fully-illustrated book included – Collect the pages throughout the game
• Gameplay to challenge your skills and puzzle solving

With an intuitive control scheme, 'A Skyrocket Story' delivers 46 core levels, across 5 fascinating worlds, that combine addictive, arcade gameplay with puzzle solving. Yet more challenges await those who can master them.

All this is brought to life in pin-sharp HD through delicately intricate, hand-drawn artwork, that has been lovingly scanned and animated – whilst maintaining the appearance of the original's beautifully textured paper.

On your journey, seek out and gather the 46 pages drifting on the breeze, together these form the fully-illustrated book 'Asleep As The Breeze'.

Included in it's entirety in the game, 'Asleep As The Breeze' is the accompanying contemplative picture book detailing a journey through a dream.

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