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Preschool Toddler Birthday Fun


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Game Description

It is time to Celebrate the birthday party in a Totally new and fun way. Celebrate the party by Lighting the cake with the EXACT amount of candle as the age of the birthday boy. Find the age of different animals from the number of Candles on the cake. Put the lollipop object of the bag with but make sure that they are put in the correct bags as Their color. Learn Lots of different birthday plans and also learn a lot of new games that you can play in a birthday party.

Activities in the game:

-> Lot of different educational activities in the game to play with.
-> Light the candle to the cake after counting the age of the birthday boy.
-> Give the panda the balloon color which he like the most.
-> Complete lot of different educational games and activities in the game.
-> Share this game with friends and have fun and the amazing birthday party.


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