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Preschool Educational Kitchen


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Game Description

Learn all the different kitchen cooking activities and play so many different games from the preschool educational kitchen by Gameiva. Start your game repairing the clock and putting all the numbers from 1-12 in the perfect series in it. Clean all the dirty vegetables and fruits and also separate the fruits from vegetables into different baskets. Match all the different food items in the kitchen to the one who produced them. Complete all such simple yet fun games and reach the next level for another round of games with more fun.

Activities in the Game:


  • Arrange all the burgers in the ascending order of their size.
  • Prepare the exact same ice cream and cake as shown in the image by yourselves.
  • Clean all the dirty food items.
  • Put all the numbers on the clock in its perfect series.
  • Play games like matching the items and letters etc.
  • Share this entertaining educational game with friends and have fun playing together.


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