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Police Dog Simulator 3D – Android Gameplay HD

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The rivalry between criminals and police takes a new TWIST!!
Get Ready Dog Lovers. It’s time to Save the City from Criminals.
Be the best police dog and seize the criminals in crime city!!
This game is about Brave Police Dogs. Your mission is to chase the robbers and criminals, sniff out bombs, prevent street crime and help police officers keep the city in order. Police dogs are specially trained to use their powerful sense of smell to track criminal suspects or missing persons. As a Police dog Your ultimate goal is to chase and caught the criminals and complete different challenging levels within Specified time. Police officers all around the city have different missions for you. Help them to catch criminals and control crime, catch bad guys trying to sneak in with weapons and illegal items. The game get even more intense when the criminals try to escape and you as a police dog chase them and bring them to justice.
Police Dog Simulator 3D Features
• Amazing 3D City Environment
• Smooth and Easy game play
• Variety of Police Dogs
• Awesome Police Dog Training Sessions
• Interesting game play
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