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POKÉMON CO-MASTER (JP) Gameplay iOS / Android

POKÉMON CO-MASTER (JP) Gameplay iOS / Android

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ポケモンコマスター by The Pokemon Company (iOS/Android)
Pokemon figure game (PFG) world tournament, was decided to be held in the artificial island “Karumonte Island” facing a huge resort city!
Gathered PFG players from all over the world, fierce duel unfolds with the aim of hotels King!
■ Throw it to hand a victory
Rules are simple! To the other side of the goal, who was allowed to reach the figure previously it becomes the victory.
Punching select the advance route, Aim the goal!
Which route from Semekomu or, bargaining is the decisive factor.
Duel is, myself and the other party is performed while moving the figure alternately.
Entering or attack the other party position formed a formation, or block the path of the opponent.
Kachisusume a seesaw battle make a strategy!

■ “AI” and trying to making full use of their original deck
AI is, to determine their own optimal one hand, reassuring partners that will move the figure on their behalf. Actively mastering the AI, trying to defeat the formidable enemy!
The Duel, you need the deck to make a 6-body Pokemon figure. Since a variety of Pokemon figures are available, skills and characteristics, consider the compatibility of each other Pokemon figure, trying to compete on their own original deck!

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