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Pocket Troops Android \ iOS – Walkthrough, Guide, Tips

Pocket Troops

Android \ iOS – Walkthrough, Guide, Tips

Pocket Troops GameplayPocket Troops Android iOS – Walkthrough, Guide, Tips

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Pocket Troops is a humor-filled tactical war game that offers a unique family-friendly experience where no trooper dies in battle. Step into the role of commander as you recruit, train, and equip your ideal army and fight intense, bite-sized battles.
== Features ==
* Tactical war game with indirect troop control
* Six trooper classes, base upgrades, weapon collections, and improvements
* PvP challenges and narrative-driven PvE missions with cinematic cutscenes
* Pixel-perfect graphics designed with personality and care
* Handcrafted music and sound effects often not found in war games.
* Battle locations inspired by and based on New York, Tokyo, London, and other legendary cities

== Caution! Tons of words below this line ==
Train, Equip, and Cross Your Fingers
The way your troopers perform in battle is a direct result of the skills you’ve acquired and developed. Strategize how to uniquely approach each battle based on the enemy’s strengths and your troopers’ equipment. Customize your tactics and select the strongest combination of weapons and skills to provide the best chance of victory. Cross your fingers and cheer for your squad!

You Can Never Have Enough Weapons
Collect and upgrade legendary weapons and gear. Master the unique abilities of six distinct classes and choose from more than 50 awesome skill sets. Unlock everything you need to make a “big bada boom.” Our favorites are the AK-47, L96 Sniper Rifle, Napalm Launcher, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” guitar, and Gatling Laser.

Don’t Build, Just Fight. And Upgrade a Little.
Upgrade your base and equip it with cool interactive facilities.
* Exercise Machines in the Gym to pump iron and make Rockies out of your rookies
* Cash Device for big spenders. You can watch this baby work forever.
* Nurse your troopers back to health with a fish tank, Jenga, “soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur,” and other top-notch Military Medicine equipment.

Battle Online and Show Them Who’s Their Daddy
Join online PvP matches and compete with other armies from around the world. Take on powerful players and become a hero.

Defeat Professor Evil
Work your way through narrative-driven missions. Unlock all cinematic cutscenes and unravel the villain’s plans.

A Different Kind of War Game
Pocket Troops was inspired by our desire to make an uplifting, tongue-in-cheek war game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Pocket Troops invokes a feeling of familiarity, utilizing musical instruments often not found in war games, casual and cartoonish graphics, witty one-liners, and tough, stylish characters. Although the battles are small in nature, pulling off a win feels epic. Riddled with battlefield humor, the game feels aesthetically familiar, yet creates a unique experience for players while redefining what the war game genre is all about.

About Us
We are a team of fun-loving developers, pixel lovers, geeks, nerds, gamers, designers, and a guinea pig named Boris. We build our games slowly and definitely pay too much attention to detail.


What’s New in Version 1.15.0

+ 5 new legendary skills:
– Provoker: trooper taunts all enemies, forcing them to attack only him;
– An Eye For An Eye: if trooper gets damaged he will deal a critical hit in his next turn;
– Damage Reflection: trooper gets only % of damage, the rest of damage is reflected to the attacking enemy;
– Vacuum Grenade: sucks enemies to the hypocentre dealing damage;
– Instant Karma!: ​Instant Karma’s gonna get y​our enemies. Gonna knock ​them right on the head​.​
+ Damage over Time skills effect update: fire and bleeding damage decreases over time, while poison damage increases.
+ “Reset game progress” option: the progress, army name, rating, all troopers and resources can be completely reset. This action cannot be undone.
+ Troopers’ max level increased to 30. Yes, that’s right – this means that more cool weapons and skills will be available soon.
+ New Skill Details interface with class icons, descriptions and unlock level info.

Dedicated to the 161st birthday of John Browning, the designer of many varieties of military and civilian firearms and the father of the first semi-automatic pistols that were both reliable and compact. Browning’s telescoping bolt design is now found on nearly every modern semi-automatic pistol.

Download Pocket Troops

Android \ iOS

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