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Pocket House 3D – The 3D masterpiece of autumn 2016 is opening a world of colorful Pocket Pets for mobiles. From the first minutes entering the digital world of Pocket Pets, you will immerse into the fierce battles of those minor monsters full of hardships and challenges. It’s the place where you can show your talent to train legendary Pocket Pets that anyone would dream to train. No matter how powerful that Pet Monster you would like to tame are, catch ’em all and build your ultimate team to become the legendary trainer.

– Hot daily login gifts: Claim free diamonds, monsters and equipment to start your adventure.
– Hundreds of cute but strong monsters are waiting for you to catch.
– Evolve Pocket Pets, enhance their strength, train them to be legendary ones.
– Intense, climatic Robbing War and Legion War.
– Fierce arena where trainers can compete to find the strongest.
– Slay BOSS to claim treasures.
– Diverse equipment system.
– Catch rare Pocket Pets, rule the universe.
– Make friends, build legions to compete with others.
Find out now!!

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