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Pocket Adventure (CN) Gameplay iOS / Android

Pocket Adventure (CN) Gameplay iOS / Android

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Pocket Adventure by lu jingsheng (iOS/Android)
Innovation 3D action hand travel “pocket big adventure”, the hero is from the deep sleep awakening hero Arthur, assembled each time and Space Hero beauty, set foot on exciting adventure.
Massive hero, every day to send a new hero
The hero, hero West, magic heroes, heroes every day to send! Lv Bu Diao Chan with the group monkey, pig, Arthur Huang Zhong, has sent every day! As you like free!
[BOSS] real time online, make friends with congenial persons
PVP, PVE, co operation, world BOSS…… 4 people online fighting, and friends play hi day! More instant voice chat, the real conscience of the!
[cavalry warriors, how can a hero without BMW]
First ride battle mode! Gently, immediately into the invincible mode of riding!…… The red dragon fly off, tiger, and Chocobo oh! Cool pet riding as you choose!
[operational innovation, single hand operation more than a hero]
Novel sliding click operation, mobile attacks more fluid. More variety to avoid the fight back, no injuries to fight BOSS, random abuse of small strange, truly reflect the operation of science and technology.
[superb screen, full 3D HD quality]
High-quality motor performance, seven major types of occupation, let players no longer subject to play a single role to restrict, wanton experience a new battle fun.


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