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Pocker Odds Calculator Pro

As good as free version and calculation EV (Expected Value). In free app EV available only on preflop. Slide screen from right to left. EV in poker is one of the fundamental pillars. Without having an idea about EV is difficult to play in plus in the long run. EV display the amount of profit or lose, which should be hoped for before do you call. That is how much profit or loss may be each game.
Now you do not miss a single profitable game.
+EV (positive expected value) – this means that, you will be profitable in the long run.
-EV (negative expected value) – this means that, you will lose you money in the long run.
The purpose of poker is not to win all hands, but to make the right decisions, which have a profitable EV. Less think about short-term results, focus on the long run.Download Pocker Odds Calculator Pro for free
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