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Please be Quiet: Virtual Pet Raccoon –

Please be Quiet: Virtual Pet Raccoon – Free

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Meet Tanuki Sensei, a raccoon that is also a skilled ninja master. Tanuki Sensei loves to stay quiet and meditate, but you just can’t let him in peace. Can you? Annoy Tanuki Sensei during his meditation time to discover the funniest reactions from this clumsy ninja raccoon!

Play tricks to see dozens of reactions from Tanuki Sensei! Kids love it!

Tap him, the bell, the gong, the sword or other objects to annoy Tanuki Sensei. Get him stressed enough to see hilarious animations as he loses his mind. Can you discover all the reactions of Tanuki Sensei?

Collect coins to unlock new reactions and also use them to see your favorite animations any time you want. They’re all so funny, you’ll love it!

“… it’s so funny! Makes me want to tap it all day long!”
“Can’t get enough of it! You’re sure to have a great time discovering his tricks.”
“I’ve never found racoons particularly amusing, but this one is so much fun!”

• A lovely and clumsy ninja raccoon
• Perfect entertainment for children
• Funny tricks and reactions to discover
• Cute character and illustrations

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Please be Quiet: Virtual Pet Raccoon – For Android

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