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Plants Attack Gameplay iOS / Android

Plants Attack Gameplay iOS / Android

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Plants Attack by IDEABOX Co.,Ltd (iOS/Android)
Protect the forest from cursed animals and purify the earth!
In some distant future, humans abandon the devastated earth…
Dryad, the last forest remaining on earth is protected by spirits.
One day, the cursed animals suddenly proliferate and the violent animals incessantly destroy the forest…
Become the hero “Leafy” and lead the Minions to defeat the animals!
The immortal hero! Non-attacking enemies! You have nothing to lose even if your are poor at playing!
Challenge and see how many animals you can defeat with effort and how stronger you can get!
[Features ]
Full 3D! High-quality clicker game
Hot striking sensation, splendid skill effect
More than 100 kinds of lively characters
More than 100 kinds of colorful gears
Diverse relics attainable through reincarnation
Diverse active & passive skills
Vast contents, endless battles
Earth afforestation challenge every 8 hours


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