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Planet of Heroes MOBA Gameplay Android / iOS (CBT)

Planet of Heroes MOBA Gameplay Android / iOS (CBT)

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Closed Test Phase 1 – 30. Aug to 17. Sept 2016
Welcome to the Closed Test of Planet of Heroes!

You are invited to have the first view to our newest addition to the Moba genre outside of the development team. While in development, we orientate ourselves on a few core principles: Accessibility, Challenging, Replayability and Social Interaction.
That being said, we want to incorporate our players as early as possible in the development stage. That means, we would love to have your feedback both positive and constructive, your ideas for enhancing your playing experience, and last but not least to play as much as you like so we can make a statistical analysis of the current state.
To facilitate a more crowded environment and focus for PVP matchmaking, we decided to open the servers for specific times from the second day onward. These times are:

GMT 11.00-13.00 17.00-19.00 23.00-01.00
Central Europe 13.00-15.00 19.00-21.00 01.00-03.00
East Coast NA 07.00-09.00 13.00-15.00 19.00-21.00
Korea 20.00-22.00 02.00-04.00 08.00-10.00


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