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In Pixelmon shooting you will fight against other players and collect pixelmons’ eggs! By opening eggs, you will be able to build up a collection of pixelmons and create unique weapons!

You will fight against players from all over the world!
Fight for each pixelmon’s egg found on the pixelmon island!
Collect pixelmons’ eggs yourself and don’t let your enemy do it!
Defeat other players and collect trophies left after their deaths!
Use assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade-launchers and grenades to win!
Explore every corner of the pixelmon island! Develop your own strategy of how to collect pixelmons’ eggs and defeat your enemies!

Creation of Weapons and Collecting!
Open pixelmons’ eggs in a craftdeks. You can find rare pixelmons in these eggs, build up a collection of pixelmons from them and create unique weapons, coins and other items!
To create a unique item, you need to build up a collection of pixelmons. Collect and open as many eggs as you can to get many different pixelmons and build up all kinds of collections!

Vast Assortment of Weapons!

In the store you can purchase different weapons and armor!
Vast assortment of weapons and armor will enable you to create your own equipment for capturing pixelmons’ eggs! Equip your character better than other players to collect more pixelmons’ eggs than others!

Pixelmon shooting – online multiplayer shooter # 1 is free to download and play, but contains optional in-app purchases that cost real money.

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Pixelmon Shooting – For Android

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