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Pixel Guardians iOS / Android Gameplay, Guide, Tips & Hints

Pixel Guardians iOS / Android Gameplay

Guide, Tips, Hints & Walkthrough.

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Pixel Guardians Gameplay Walkthrough by SOULGAME INFORMATION CO LTD on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video of Pixel Guardians Game App.

The monsters are coming! There’s no time to waste,Super Pixel Fighters! Take up arms and fight against the enemy to protect your homeland! Travel through time and select heroes to fight alongside you. These heroes have unique skills (and more than a few have an axe to grind – literally!)

– Unique art style: 3D pixel screen creates a new, immersive experience.
– Hands-free play with Auto-Fight technology; collect coins and exp.
– Collect 100+ Heroes – including anime stars, historical celebrities and amazing legends – all with unique skills, who will fight for you!
– Explore multiple gameplay scenarios just by choosing different heroes in a battle!
– Decide which heroes – and which skills – to use in battle.
– Time Travel through different eras to challenge and destroy the Boss.
– Challenge other players’ teams in the arena to see who’s the best!

Join the elite few who are smart and brave enough to be called Pixel Guardians! DOWNLOAD NOW!

Pixel Guardians iOS / Android Gameplay Guide, Tips, Hints & Walkthrough

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