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Paramon Clash Android

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Paramon Clash Android Android

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Paramon Clash will launch in Australia at 2016.12.01
Discover a colorful world of diverse Paramon creatures; evolve, enhance and upgrade them into their powerful, more complex forms. Create your homeland and learn new life skills while talking with your friends in real time. Decipher puzzles, beat the competition, and be rewarded along your journey.
Choose from a wide array of cute and feisty Paramon creatures and add them to your collection.
Evolve, enhance, and upgrade your Paramon into more powerful and complex forms.
Cast spells, throw flames, shoot lightning bolts and more!
Solve puzzles and battle in this turn-based strategy RPG.
Compete in PVP arena and duel with others in real-time.
Learn new life skills and build your homeland.
Choose your character’s apparel and style.
Talk to your friends in real-time voice chat.
Explore new domains, unlock new powers and obtain valuable goods.
Develop your own strategy and team up with your buddies
Prepare to launch into the new monster world!


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