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PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour – Android Gameplay HD

PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour – Android Gameplay HD

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A pick-up-and-play puzzle game starring the universally popular PAC-MAN!
PAC-MAN has busted out of the game screen to chase down the ghosts that made off with his precious fruit!
Take off through arcades and homes in a topsy-turvy puzzle tour!
A super-simple match-three puzzle game!
Take out any ghosts that get in your way and clear the stage!
With skillful matching or by using special items, you can create canned fruit or even make the Galaxians appear!
PAC-MAN might also show up to help you finish the puzzles!
You can get items just for logging in every day!
Put them to use on the more difficult stages and who knows, you could breeze right through!
You can play a leisurely game on your own, or compete amongst friends for the highest scores!
Casual and experienced gamers alike can play according to their own styles and abilities.
Customize your icon and show it off to your friends!
In addition to PAC-MAN and the ghosts, you can even select characters from other games, like Mappy or Katamari Damacy!
Keep clearing the stages and journey to many different worlds!
How to Play:
Match and clear fruit until you run out of moves or time!
Line up four or more to make special items that let you clear lots at once.
Make chains to really pump up your score!
Clear the stage by reaching the target.
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