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OneShot OneKill

Enjoy full-fledged mobile FPS, not a auto-shooting game.
The same exhilarating tension as online FPS was implemented on mobile.
True mobile FPS supporting real-time 8: 8 PvP “OneShot OneKill”

★ Game Features
– 8: 8 PvP invasion play is possible through Quick Wars and custom games.
– Enjoy with mercenaries Please check your skills through 1: 1 PvP.
– You can improve control and ability through AI mercenary training.
– Supports three different shooting controls such as tap, double tap, and button.
– In-game buttons can be adjusted or deleted to make it easier for me.

★ Easy various events
– Tutorial payment only for new recruitment fee and popular box play fee.
– To a compensation mission that can be easily achieved while playing games everyday
– I will give you a celebration fee if you promote to a certain class.

# “OneShot OneKill” is developed so that you can feel the pleasure of one step at its maximum through actual control rather than a simple and fast game.
Since various new modes, communities, items will be added continuously, please continue to support a lot.


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Play Store:…

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