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Official Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (by E.A Games) Announcement Trailer (iOS / Android)

Download Official Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (by E.A Games) Announcement Trailer (iOS / Android)

Collect your favorite heroes from the entire Star Wars™ universe and form powerful teams to dominate the competition


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  1. Yoly says:

    I have only used the unit for a couple of days. So far the CD ptooirn is working fine. I put it on shuffle all disks and let it go. No glitches, all good. Not so when playing mp3s off USB sticks. I have tried 4 different brands of USB drive. In each case the unit plays at most 1 or 2 complete songs. Then in the middle of a song playback stops, the unit shows DATA ERROR and advances to the next song. I have tried drives between 1GB and 8GB from SanDisk, PNY, Memorex and MicroCenter. Same results for all drives. I am in the process of having the unit replaced and will report the results on the new unit.11/15/2011 updateKudos to Amazon for a very quick turn-around on the replacement unit. Requested Sunday, received Tuesday! So far I have listened to parts of 4 CDs from 2 different USB drives with no problems. So it appears the first unit was just defective. Will post more when I get more hours on the unit. It is definitely nice to have the USB capability!12/8/2011 updateI have been using the unit several hours a day since 11/15 with no problems. Having the flexibility to play CDs and mp3s off the USB is really a plus. The ability to erase tracks on the USB when a song doesn’t fit my intended mix is a nice feature. I am changing the review from 3 to 4 stars based on the function of the replacement unit and Amazon’s great customer service.

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