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Official Legacy Quest (by Nexon) Teaser Trailer (Universal)

Download game Official Legacy Quest (by Nexon) Teaser Trailer (Universal)


Available worldwide later in 2015 for your mobile device, Legacy Quest is roguelike action Role Playing Game (RPG) that puts players in the fearless boots of a proud line of customizable heroes, where they will explore massive dungeons while fighting monsters and uncovering rare loot. Death of a hero is permanent in Legacy Quest, but every creature vanquished and Soul collected will give players the ability to unlock powerful new traits, enhancing the next hero in their bloodline to continue their epic adventure and take on increasingly challenging monsters and dungeons. Players will adventure through ever-evolving dungeons set in a unique and highly stylized fantasy universe, inspired by the classic 8-bit RPGs of previous generations.

Brought to you by Socialspiel Entertainment, published exclusively by Nexon.

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