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Official Crystal Crusade (by Torus Games) Launch Trailer (iOS / Android)

Download Official Crystal Crusade (by Torus Games) Launch Trailer (iOS / Android)
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Crystal Crusade by Torus Games (iOS / Android)

The Trolls are pillaging our Queendom of Roses! Our heroes are scattered throughout the land, and our armies are broken. We need a miracle. We need you!

Lead our remaining hero, match crystals and command your troops in battle against the Trolls.

Cast ancient spells, fight towering enemies, rescue the heroes and win back the people's freedom. Save our Queendom before the Trolls get the last laugh!


While you can play the game completely free of charge, we do offer premium in-game currency for purchase with real money.


• Match Crystals to build powerful armies.
• Travel the Queendom and level up your army over the span of more than 100 levels!
• Multiple game modes, ranging from slowly spreading goo covering your crystals, to bombs that will leave holes in the board!
• Do battle against huge bosses and their troops.
• Choose from six unique heroes to lead your armies into battle.
• 12 powerful spells to equip your heroes with and cast in battle.
• Power up your army with over 100 crystal fragments that give powerful and silly effects.
• Completely customise what army you take into battle against the Trolls with six different unit classes to choose from.


Please note: A network connection is required to play.


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Finally, a HUGE thank you for your support by downloading Crystal Crusade! We hope you have fun playing what we have fun making.

Crystal Crusade Support
What's New in Version 1.1.3
Bug Fixes:
– Offline mode will no longer lock up the game.
– Swapping between online and offline modes no longer doubles the players stars.

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