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Official Beat Sports (by Harmonix) Launch Trailer (Apple TV)

Download Official Beat Sports (by Harmonix) Launch Trailer (Apple TV)
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Beat Sports by Harmonix (Apple TV)

Beat Sports is a collection of music-infused mini-games inspired by familiar sports like tennis, volleyball, and golf.

Designed and developed by Rock Band™ creators Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. and publishing partner Tilting Point, exclusively for the new Apple TV.

Beat Sports combines the joy of hitting balls with the joy of hitting notes. Swing, volley, and score to the beat of the music. Ka-POW!!!


Beat Sports aren’t your typical sports and you won’t play against your typical athletes. The away team is from far, far away: a musical galaxy full of aliens obsessed with sports!

These adorable creatures are your teammates and opponents, challenging you in four different music-infused mini-games. Let your ears and eyes guide you into the groove and show these aliens how it’s done!


– 4 unique and whacky rhythm based sports mini-games

– Simple and intuitive motion and touch controls

– Unlock new difficulty levels and compete for high scores

– Customize your slugger’s outfit and bat

– Play Buddy Ball with up to 4 players using

– iPhone or iPod Touch as extra controllers

– Fun for everyone (human or alien)!




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