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Night Terrors: Bloody Mary


From the mind of Paranormal Activity creator, Oren Peli, comes the next chapter in horror – Night Terrors presents Bloody Mary: Queen of the Damned.

Experience the critically acclaimed augmented reality mobile app which has charted in the top ten of iOS apps across 33 countries.

Bloody Mary: Queen of the Damned transforms your environment into a supernatural hell that will leave you fighting for your life while questioning your sanity.

The all-new “Night Terrors” experience resurrects the legend of Bloody Mary and the torment she inflicts on those foolish enough to summon her. This sinister tale has been spread by word of mouth for hundreds of years as a warning.

Are you brave enough to utter her name and survive Bloody Mary’s reign of terror?

Just remember….LEGENDS NEVER DIE!


1) “Night Terrors” is played indoors, at night, with your home lights OFF, and headphones ON. Launch the app and say her name three times…Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. The next step: SURVIVE!

2) “Night Terrors” pioneers state-of-the-art technology – your device’s camera, LED light, and other features create personalized “scare sequences” using unique AR captured content paired with binaural audio.

3) Players understand and assume all risks of injury or property damage while playing.Download Night Terrors: Bloody Mary for free
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