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New Banana Adventure Rush 3D FREE

Banana Minion Legends adventure Rush is one of the best game in the world for 2018 mostly for Halloween and Christmas, we will be update for any festival like Christmas. It’s so cute to see your amazing minion rush, dash and rush in this beautiful world of Halloween and Christmas.
Don’t lose your time and download this incredible banana game rush and dash, you can beat all your friends and you will have so much fun with your cute minion mower and hero of despicable me movie for all minion fans. He loves bananas, so help him to eat his favorite bananas power ups, but you will find the Frankenstein Minion, evil minion and attack of the bubble, they don’t want to let your cute minion collect the maximum of bananas and power-ups, but you must fight them to win in this impossible banana rush. Don’t forget that you have yellow minion and purple baby minion adventure rush-Bad Boy with a little yellow Mel baby Minion bad-boy, you don’t have reason to lose this impossible banana rush, you have all skills to win and fight all your enemies, if you want to make your cute minion happy you must run, dash, and rush like in despicable game of minion legend rush.
In this game you should be smart to achieve your goals, don’t forget you have minion bad-boy and Blu-ray it’s like minion rush in villain it’s really legends. The best idea is to collect the maximum of bananas power-ups in this impossible banana minion jungle rush.
Be superhero to fight evil minion and the bubbles and save purple minion, you can switch your suit to be a mower ninja minion with a new power, then you can fight the Frankenstein Minion easily in the world greatest villain and in the rival.
Banana Minion Adventure Rush and Dash is very easy, but you should be smart to win and beat your friends with cute minion in rival. The concept of the game is to run, rush, dash, race and avoid all obstacles and fight the Frankenstein Minion, evil minion and attack of the bubble in rival.
Don’t get lost in jungle bandicoot adventure with your yellow baby minion. The guardian monster Frankenstein Minion and various tricky trap attack your cute mower minion while you are running in best scenes in the rival, so be careful, you can fight them, you are the best. Banana minion adventure rush is for you with your baby Minion Madness, this is the best boss ever in the despicable Villain in rival.
Agnes fans and the lovers of the yellow ninja minion rush and gru’s lab, you must surf dash and rush hoverboard, skateboard or even jetpack and collet the maximum if gold bananas amazing power-ups in the rival and castle.
Run, jump dash and rush in the subway gold and tunnel like if you are a hero of despicable Agnes to beat the rival and your friend’s scores. Cute minion is here for you but help him to be real hero. You can buy a lot of items if you collected maximum of bananas power-ups like jetpack or the skateboard.
Be the hero, the best minion the legend villain of Banana Subway minion jungle rush. Banana minion subway legends rush is full control in your adventure game minion subway to be the best super minion hero winner on subway.
How to Play Banana adventure rush legends rush:
1-Just up the screen and Flash jump on Banana minion subway rush 3D.
2-Collect the Bananas in banana minion subway rush surfing 3D.
3-Run to the end to complete levels and be the super minion best hero for this 3D game of despicable Agnes rush
Download New Banana Adventure Rush 3D FREE for free
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