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Nebula Online (Sci-Fi Space MMORPG) by Depielco Commercial, Ltd (iOS/Android/Steam)

Nebula Online – space massive multiplayer online game, in which you can take part in global conflict amontg three races.
Create your unique ship, obtain resources, explore space together with your friends.
Nebula Online – it is one big world to all players from all countries.
Play it on any device, it can be tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

Hyper-crossing tunnels will open to you secrets of the low-studied depths of space, will bring to resource fields, abandoned stations and habitable planets. Explore Nebula Online Universe. World of battles, throw down challenge to your powerful enemies, conclude alliances, collect armies of like-minded persons and lead them further, to victory and triumph of your justice!


– Global space battles in real time;
– Three absolutely unlike on each other races: Humans, Borguzands, Kriptizids;
– Battles in real time;
– Assembly of unique ships from modules;
– Economy, controlled by players;
– Building of your own space stations;
– Exploring of the endless Universe;
– Election of race leaders;
– Foreign territory occupation

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Nebula Online REVIEW

im giving you ( Mizar Games ) 3 stars only because the game works on my iphone 6 plus so if anybody has an iphone 6 go try it on that now ive been seeing all the other comments and alot of people are right loading screen just loads then stops there and says recover webpage if you can fix all the areas i tried to get in game were through Amazon/facebook/ and in regular browser like internet explore and various internet funtion sites. Please fix this issue because alot of experienced games like ( myself ) really want this to work, thank you for your time.. Generalzogg-Human-Trooper-class


Eve-lite Cool little mmo, runs well on moto g3 and looks pretty good for a phone mmo. Also on steam now and that client works nicely as well


I cannot understand the updates priority… The most useless update I’ve ever seen. NOTHING were fixed. All lags became even worser. This update was done just to add real money donations to the game. I understand that you have to pay salary to your empolyees. People may pay money just to support you buying the Steam version. But who… will pay money for some in-game garbage in an Alpha-version? Are you kidding me???


….well, the promotional video looks cool. Unplayable. Was looking for a game similar to eve. This one got my attention from the Steam release (I own many steam games). Instead of paying $5 on steam got it for free through playstore to check it out. Have it on my Galaxy S5 and bluestacks on my PC. It won’t run on either. Freezes on loading screen, character creation and login. HUD keeps disappearing and won’t reappear unless I relog. From all the hype I really expected to atleast be able to play it.


Looks great, I see zero way to control ships. I can choose to fly to a place, or fly to a ship to attack. No turning at all.



Nebula Online (by Depielco Commercial, Ltd) – iOS/Android/Steam – HD Gameplay Trailer

Download or Play Online for Free Nebula Online (by Depielco Commercial, Ltd) – iOS/Android/Steam – HD Gameplay Trailer

Nebula Online (by Depielco Commercial, Ltd) – iOS/Android/Steam – HD Gameplay Trailer Download or Play Online for Free

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