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  1. Ann says:

    This past year I have moved from writing a book in soitlude to being an active member of the Twitterverse, and it has changed everything for me. It has a) given me an audience I never had before, b) given me reason to really apply myself & use my gifts on a regular basis, and c) it has landed me an agent (Per what I told you on Twitter as Saint_Upid today).But yes, it all takes time. It has been a real challenge to balance a) my day job (which has nothing to do with my vocation whatsoever), b) my writing, c) my networking, d) my involvement in my church, e) my time w/ my wife & our 5 cats (Ha!), f) family & other friends, and g) eating, sleeping, pooping, etc.I do need to learn to say no, and I thank you for writing this post. I shall start saying no more often, starting today. As for you grabbing your brass ring, might I suggest you go for a platinum one? They tend to be stronger, more aesthetically pleasing, and are not associated with brass musical instruments like trombones. Unless you are a closet trombonist. If you are, no harm, no foul. All of this to say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AND GRAB THAT RING BEFORE GOLLUM GETS AHOLD OF IT.Truly,CTJ

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