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MUTANT: Metal Blood – Android Gameplay HD

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Coupon Event!!!
Input MUTANT on the pre-registered coupon banner in the game and you get the premium items!
(Install Mutant – Main Screen – Touch the guide icon on the lower left – Touch the pre-registered coupon banner on the bottom – Input coupon code)
– Coupon code: MUTANT
SF Action RPG, MUTANT: Metal Blood
■ Easy controlling & Spectacular skills.
■ Offense, defense(evasion), and counter attack.
■ Real-time party raid.
▶ Action
– Arcade game style control
– Combination of attack, evasion and counter attack
– Variety of attack attributes
▶ Growth & Collection
– Growth of characters, items and skills
– Collecting items and skills
– Rank increase and rewards
▶ Play Modes
– Variety of single and multiple play modes
– Real-time Big/Small combat
– Party raids and missions
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