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Monster plastic surgery

(Updated :
Oct 11,2015)

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Game Description

The monsters are also getting ready for the festival of Halloween and they are at your scary surgery hospital to have a quick surgery over their face and some scary beauty makeovers. Choose your scariest monster customer and start the surgery on them as planned. Clean the face with the towel and mark with the pencil the area where you have to do the surgery. Use the microscopic machine to have a closer look at the area of surgery and use all the different tools for the operation. Start all the fun activities right now and all the best for the operation.

Activities in the game:

1) Choose any of the customers and get started with the surgery.
2) Mark a straight line with the pencil on the area where you have to do the surgery.
3) Do surgery on different part of the face like the eyes, nose, lips etc.
4) Cure all the problems that the monsters are having on different parts of their face.
5) Share this surgery game with all your friends and operate on the monsters together.

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