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Monster Mania: Castle Heroes – Android Gameplay HD

Download Monster Mania: Castle Heroes – Android Gameplay HD Free Download

Monster Mania: Castle Heroes – Android Gameplay HD Android Download iOS Download Monster Mania: Castle Heroes – Android Gameplay HD

Be a Hero and lead your troops to defend your castle and destroy all enemies! Monster Mania: Heroes of Castle is a an epic online game that meshes the best elements from Action, Real-time Strategy (RTS), Tower Defense, Role-Play Game (RPG) and Card Collection.
Get Ready for an epic journey in a fantasy world of Magic and Swords where the Hero must lead humans and join force with Elves to fight against hordes of orcs, goblins, evil wizards, monsters, and other nasty enemies to win the ultimate war and peace.
Game Features:
• More strategy and depth: Form an ultimate army by mixing hero and troops with different strength, strategies and skills. Start with a simple strategy to learn and explore. You can grow and exercise more complex strategies.
• Simple and easy to play: Just tap on Spell button to cast Spell for the Hero. Tap on Solider button to send the selected solider
• Real-time Strategy: You need to closely watch the entire battlefield to decide the right troops to send and right spell to cast at the right time.
• More controls for core gamers: If you are a core gamer, you can manually control Hero movement to survive in very tough situation
• Heroes Evolution: Play the PvE mode to upgrade your team level. You can upgrade and evolve your heroes as you win more PvE battles.
• Troops Collection and Evolution: As you play the PvE mode, you have chance to collect troops and upgrade and evolve them.
• PvP Arena: You can battle with other players worldwide to reach the top in global ranking.
• PvP Mining Mode: You can battle in other players’ Gold Mine to raid their resources. You can create your own troops to defend your Gold Mine and collect resources.
• PvP Expedition Mode: Battle different players in a single expedition for constant changes and surprises.
• Siege Mode: Take your Hero and Troops and your Warship to attack enemies towers an castle
• Exciting Boss Fight: You have to fight through multiple bosses to win the battle for big rewards
• More modes and more contents are coming soon
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