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Mobo Candy Maker (By Mobo Kids) – New Best App for Kids

Making the most delicious candy in the world while learning? Now it’s possible! MOBO Candy Maker has been designed to entertain and educate kids. They create colourful candy for guests such as Mr Dog or Hungry Pig.


MOBO Candy Maker is all about choices. Kids can pick one of the three unique locations:

Idyllic Beach:
On the beach kids become owners of ice cream parlour. They create cold desserts in an endless amount of ways. After choosing any amount and different colours of scoops, kids can decorate their dessert with delicious waffles, chocolate stars and many others.

The Amazing Amusement Park
In the amusement park kids are making tasty cotton candy. Let’s see who can make the biggest and the most beautiful one! Now, spice it up and choose crazy toppings – your cotton candy will sell like hot cakes!

The Fit Park
Now it’s time to try something sweet and healthy. In the Fit Park kids can prepare fruit cocktails. Banana Dream, Strawberry Fantasy or Kiwi Delight – there’s no limit to your imagination. To enrich the flavour add some ice, a slice of lemon or some mint leaves.


The animals for whom you prepare the candy make it worth your while. They are definitely well-bred and will show you gracefully and enthusiastically just how much they love your stuff! While playing MOBO Candy Maker you can meet:
Mr Dog
Hungry Pig
Mild Sheep
Fit Cat
Friendly Cow
Snappy Rabbit
Sensible Elephant


MOBO Candy Maker is a game which has real educational values. It shows children not only how to create shapes but also teaches responsibility in a fun way. Little candy shop owners can make a crazy, colourful mess – but then there is a time to clean it up. Candy Maker encourages children to be creative and shows them how their favourite candy is prepared.

Create your own candy in in an endless amount of ways
Make some crazy mess and clean it up
Learn how to create different shapes and colours
Check out how animals react to your candy – they can show real appreciation
Everybody wins – no scores and no time limits
Three unique locations: Idyllic Beach, The Amazing Amusement Park, The Fit Park
Kid safe! No in-app purchases or third party advertisements, no interruptions, no inappropriate content
Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, age 2-5
Original artwork and custom sound design

MoboKids is a company dedicated to create best games for toddlers (2-5 years). Our games allow kids to learn about the world while having the best time.

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