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Mission Z iOS / Android Gameplay, Guide, Tips & Hints

Mission Z iOS / Android Gameplay

Guide, Tips, Hints & Walkthrough.

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Mission Z Gameplay by Bulkypix on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video of Mission Z Game App.

“Zombies invaded Central Park a week ago. They are now at the gates of my shelter. I have to kick them out before they become too numerous. Hopefully, Randy will have a lot of weapons and equipments to help me defeat every zombie out there.”


– Tons of items to customize your character: cars, weapons, helmets and more!
– Match ammos and grenades to unleash your firepower against zombies
– Pay attention to your health and bulletproof vest: match shields and red cross tiles to refill them
– 3 areas to clean up of undeads: Central Park, the Campus and the Amusement Park.

Mission Z iOS / Android Gameplay Guide, Tips, Hints & Walkthrough

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