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Mine Heroes 2 Android

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Mine Heroes 2 Android Android

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Mine Heroes 2
The Land of Leviathan is a rich and beautiful land, home to humans and all kinds of creatures. In the year 758, the first steam engine was invented, then began a great technological revolution.

As industry rose, precious metals became the most valuable and contested resources in Leviathan. The wealthiest man in the world, Mendes Eadmund, owned more than 60% of all the mines known to man. He has mysteriously disappeared, along with all his treasures.

You’ve found a journal documenting his dangerous adventures deep into the Snow Mountains. Can you become the Ultimate Hero and solve this mystery? Build your crew, hop onto your train and start your Epic Adventures!

Key Features:
– 45+ Heroes for you to recruit and build your crew
– Overcome challenges by strategically selecting your crew’s skills
– Deep Hero and Item upgrade systems
– Enhance and customize your steam engine
– Collect massive amounts of unique loot
– A wide variety of monsters and bosses provide endless re-playability and challenges
– Multiple PvP game modes to compete with other players
– Guild Raids and cooperative challenges


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