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Mecha Agent is a very interesting horizontal version of fighting game.The summon mecha of new functions in the game that you can feel very surprise.The game seted up a lot of surprise gifts that you can improve power quickly.
The game has three jobs ,Assault Warrior,Machine Gunner&Shadow Agent.You can choose your favorite job to fight with the offenders.Every job’s skills emerge in endlessly. At the same time ,if you play in the game,you can summon your mecha to help you to fight with your enemy.

Different men’s clash,different camp’s clash,different mecha ‘s clash.Various clash in everywhere,so,you must fighting with your mecha to solve all clash.I believe you can finish it!

Why do you have to play this game ? Surprise of challenge Boss,Super skill of summon mecha,Different fighting patterns,New equipment system.

You can find your honor in this game with your summon mecha! You will be the king of the world in this game that you can go that where you want to go!

The game is free that you can play happies with your friends and you have no use for charging.The game is free,the game is free,the game is free,the important content must say three times! With you played this game I think that you will feel very interesting and surprise.Surprise fighting,Surprise summon,Surprise gifts,Surprise in everywhere.

Let’s go to download Mecha Agent in quickly to summon your favourite mecha and go to conquer this world.We are waiting for you.Let’s go.


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