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Magic Wars Gameplay IOS / Android

Magic Wars Gameplay IOS / Android

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Magic Wars by Dragon Game Studio (IOS/Android)
★★Magic Wars: a Fantasy War Strategy Game!★★
Build a barracks, train soldiers, and develop your city! Form alliances and do battle with players from different countries! Restore the glory of 4 legendary races in a free and open, epic battle!

★Classic Races and Brand New Fantasy★
4 classic races unite against the power of evil. Use their elite powers to forge your city—humans contribute wisdom, elves produce resources, orcs provide military power, and the undead restore injured soldiers. An all-new world of fantasy is waiting for you to explore!

★Strategic Troop Match-Ups★
Each of the three races that players can choose from, Humans, Orcs, and Undead, all have special troops that match up favorably against troops from the other races. For example: Human mages have an advantage against Undead zombies, Undead spiders pose a great threat to Orc grunts, and Orc Hunters are strong against Human infantry. There are many more of these match-ups that add strategic depth to the game.

★Watch Events in Real-time★
On the Magic Wars World Map, the troop marches and battles of all players can be viewed publicly in real-time. Just like in a real war, you can scout, gather supplies, rally troops, do battle, and have thousands upon thousands of players watching your every move.

★Real-time Sneak Attacks★
Unlike other War Strategy games, in Magic Wars, aside from rallying, you can also join other players’ armies at any time to attack a common target together! That means even more variables in large-scale battles!

★World War & National Glory★
Form alliances with players from other countries or do battle with them. Win glory and fun in the clash between different civilizations.


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