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  1. Yasmin says:

    I’ve been working a lot on time mnmgaeneat. I’ve figured out a kick-ass schedule to help me find more writing time and get my other stuff done too. (Like you, I mentor writers so I know how it can be to have everyone needing or wanting your attention.) I love my new schedule. It’s a doable one, the best I’ve ever tried. I’m definitely getting more writing done, and that makes me happier and more content.Thank you for this blood-stirring post. I loved the passion you expressed this with. I’m bookmarking this in my most special folder called Wild Child Dreams & Goals.

  2. Kayo says:

    to illicit such a reply, is there a way to view my old sent faamnils?) Please solve this for me, or point me to someone who knows the solution?ThanksPS for now my workaround is to compose the fanmail in NoteBook, then copy it to fanmail, send it to myself, and only then copy and send it to the actual intended recipient.[]Mr. Tumblr Reply:February 1st, 2013 at 1:02 pmYou cannot.[]

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