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Mad Puppet Racing: Big Hill – Android Gameplay HD

Mad Puppet Racing: Big Hill – Android Gameplay HD

Download Mad Puppet Racing: Big Hill – Android Gameplay HD Free Game

Download Game For Free Mad Puppet Racing: Big Hill – Android Gameplay HD

Download Mad Puppet Racing: Big Hill – Android Gameplay HD

Most addictive racing game, easy to control – hard to master. Pick your favorite driver, choose your steampunk vehicle, upgrade it and reach the stars in future desert wasteland!
Welcome to post-apocalyptic nuclear land where your only chance to survive is to get enough gas and get to the safe shelter in max distance. You will need to upgrade your vehicle or buy better one. Every character in this racing game has different mix of special abilities and he is getting stronger with every level up.
Game features
– Lots of unique marionette drivers, every with special abilities and bonuses
– Many vehicles with real physics properties, 2WD or 4WD or even tanker truck with flaming engines
– Car upgrades improving performance: Tires, Engine, Turbo, Nitro, Nox, Fuel Tank
– Highly optimized graphics for best performace with amazing next gen particle effects
– Leaderboards and Achievements are in progress, share your max distance, drivers or cars
– Amazing steampunk graphics from NOXGAMES puppeteer world
Prepare to race in real physics wordl on offroad tracks. Climb the hills, mounatins, countryside or sand dune dessert hills with your car. We have super steampunk vehicles like monster truck, atv, hummer, locomotive with wagons, massive tanker truck, oldschool mustang, rusty harley, desert buggy, deadly dragster or redneck hillbilly tractor.
Choose from special nofoot marionette characters to drive your car: Blindman Bob, Blonde, Bluehair, Dreadlock, Dude, Harry Helmet with dynamite helmet and explosives, Max, Punk, Welder, Money making Lionel Cylinder, Hipster or even deadly Plague Doctor or pixel Mr. Cube.
Work in progress features:
– Nitro, Turbo engine upgrades, Noxic tank
– New marionette characters
– Monster truck or big tanker truck
– Explosives during the race, destructible objects like crates or rocks.
– Crafting of upgrades and slots
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