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LuckyStrike: Slotmachine RPG

First ever Free slot RPG game!

Lucky Strike: Slot RPG is a puzzle RPG game with a twist of slot machine excitement. This game is easy to play but ton of depth and strategy in building your team with best heroes, gears, skills and upgrades!

Enjoy exhilarating SLOT based gameplay!

RPG battle with SLOT machine based battle system.
Create spectacular chain combo and win Jackpots!

– Strategy + Luck = Winner!
– Slot based battle system
– Build your deck from hundreds of monsters
– Collect and Upgrade your monsters
– Explore the world and reveal the secrets within
– Form the strongest guild
– Defeat the dragons in boss raids
– Step into the Arena and duel other players for the chance to win glory!


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Total Size : 330 Mb

Download LuckyStrike: Slotmachine RPG

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